What sizes of Branch Creek pellets are available?
Branch Creek pellets are offered in 20 and 40 lb bag sizes.  We use a high-quality bag to help eliminate ripping/tearing. 

Why are blended pellets produced?
1. Flavor woods are blended with milder woods to reduce an over powering taste. Mesquite if not blended can produce an overpowering flavor.  Hickory can also be strong if the smoking duration is long.

2. To increase BTU’s and reduce ash.  Oak contains properties to burn hot and cleaner than most flavor woods.  Oak will leave less ash in the burn pot of smoking grills.  Many flavors of no-blend (100%) pellets can burn poorly, leave excessive ash.

3. Too reduce costs.  Some pellet manufacturers use cheaper mild woods as fillers to reduce costs.  While some oak will improve your smoking experience, too high a blend will sacrifice the flavor intensity desired from the smoke.  Many pellets manufactured in the North or Pacific Northwest blend with Alder.  Alder is amongst the softest of the hardwood varieties, and actually produces significantly less BTU’s than most flavor woods.  Many brands contain as much as 60 to 80% oak or alder.  While this may reduce costs, it also reduces flavor. 
4. Some brands offer a "one size fits all" blend pellet that contains a mixed percentage of several flavors. We have found that everyone has their own tastes and preferences, especially for specific types and cuts of meat. We allow you the freedom to mix your own smoke flavor from the flavors we offer.  And should you have a specific smoke blend you like, we can custom manufacture it into a single pellet blend!  We do require a minimum order of one ton on custom blends.

Are artificial flavorings used to enhance poor quality pellets?

Some brands do add artificial flavored oils increase the flavor when a low percent of flavor wood is used.  At Branch Creek we don’t believe that is real smoking and we won’t do it!

What woods are used for blending?

Any mild flavored wood can be used.  Typically alder or oak are used.  While the flavor of alder is fine, we like the additional BTU’s and low ash produced by oak.  We use oak in our blends.

How can I tell what percent of flavor wood is used in other brands?

If the manufacturer lists a "flavored" pellet without the percent of actual flavor wood, it is likely to be as much as 80 percent Oak or Alder pellet.  We state exactly what is in our pellets and the ratios.  Branch Creek also offers two mild 100% pellets, Oak and Osage Orange, to grill, smoke or blend with other flavor-wood pellets.

Are 100% flavor wood pellets better?
Not necessarily; some flavors can be strong and overpower the natural flavor of the meat.  Other flavors may burn at a lower temperature, requiring a large amount of pellets or may leave an excessive amount of ash in the burn pot.
Branch Creek pellets contain a very high percent of the actual flavor wood enhanced with just enough of the positive attributes of oak so that flavoring and grill/smoking performance is maximized.

Is it safe to use heating pellets to cook or smoke?

Home heating and animal bedding pellets are inexpensive because they are typically made from random woods and non-hard woods. Many use wood collected as a by-product; such as construction waste or pallet refuse. There is no guaranty these by-products do not contain chemicals and petroleum products in the wood or as binding agents.
Our specialty is manufacturing food-grade pellets for smoking and grilling - we do not make home heating pellets or animal bedding. We use sources of wood that meet our high standards for wholesomeness and only process wood that is free of harmful chemicals and contaminants.

How are Branch Creek wood pellets made?

Wood is chipped, dried, and ground to a saw dust consistency.  The pellet is then formed by pressure and heat when forced through a pellet die.  Branch Creek does NOT add binders or glues to our pellets.

Can wood pellets cause problems with the feeding mechanism of a pellet grill?
Pellets that are too long can jam, bridge or block the feeding mechanism.  Our pellets are screened to remove long pellets as well as short pellets and fines.  The pellets we sell are generally between 3/8 and 3/4 inch in length. 

What other quality problems can exist in BBQ wood pellets?

Pellets that are too hard can be difficult to light and may not continue to burn.  Pellets that are too soft may crumble and will not produce as much heat.  The density of our pellets is closely monitored, and only pellets with the proper weight per cubic foot are sold. 
Pellets that are packaged with excessive moisture or were not properly cooled can sweat in the bag; this will cause the pellets to crumble and may even cause the pellets to mold.  We monitor the temperature of our pellets before packaging.

Can we contact you if we have questions or need further clarification about your pellets or would like volume and wholesale pricing?

Feel free to contact us at 1-888-235-4116 or email at sales@bbqwoodpellets.com

Can I use pellets to add flavor in my charcoal or gas grill?
1. In charcoal grills place a few pellets directly on charcoal several times while grilling.

2.For gas or electric grills wrap about 1/2 cup of pellets in aluminum foil.  Poke one small hole in the foil.  Place the foil pouch in the grill over the flame or heat source.

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